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the link between

I was born in Pietrasanta, Tuscany in 1975, and I grew up among the most disparate forms of art. I studied fine art and goldsmith’s at Istituto D’Arte Stagio Stagi.  


I moved to England for a while to study plastic and decorative arts and photography.  


From years with my family I have travel the world, to get to know new cultures, take advantage of different landscapes, different lifestyle, a life always on vacation. along the journey discovering new direction and inspiration.


Art, like music and poetry, I think it is something subjective, is related to the moment in which we are living.

There are not written criteria, especially today, each one see this… that… just like him self.


Inspiration can be the instant…, of a rainy day, a scent, a dream or a nightmare…some of the most luminous paintings I have created began on a drizzly damp day. 


In this period I get carried away from vibrant colors, evident fingers stroke with a result of vivid canvas. I feel the need to transmit my energy.

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