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Greta Bertozzi Italian artist

I was born in Pietrasanta, Tuscany in 1975, and I grew up among the most disparate forms of art. I studied fine art and goldsmiths at Istituto D’Arte Stagio Stagi.  
I moved to England for a while to study plastic and decorative arts and photography.  
For years with my family, I have traveled the world, to get to know new cultures, take advantage of different landscapes, different lifestyles, and life always on vacation. along the journey discovering new directions and inspiration.
Art, like music and poetry, I think is something subjective, and is related to the moment in which we are living.
There are no written criteria, especially today, each one sees this… that… just like himself.
Inspiration can be the instant…, of a rainy day, a scent, a dream, or a nightmare…some of the most luminous paintings I have created began on a drizzly damp day. 
During this period I get carried away by vibrant colors, and evident fingers stroke as a result of the vivid canvas. I feel the need to transmit my energy.
I have never studied a painting before, I have one thing in mind, and then I change completely, colors, style… and bewitched, enthusiastic I go on.      HARD TO STOP!   
When I finish a canvas it is difficult for me to give an opinion, with the time, I see what’s behind it, its depth, and my continuous research.
I’m a very critical person, who knows me knows.
I love to use my hands, use different materials, get dirty, make a mess, and a lot, although usually, I’m a precise person.
And I think it is what I want to transmit to you with my energy through my art.
I’m Greta.



Over the years I have had the opportunity to exhibit and present my works around Europe:

Italy, France, Luxembourg, Spain.

In these countries, there are art galleries and design furniture shops with my paintings.

Greta Bertozzi artista Italiana
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