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Abstract modern

Silence, light, smells, colors, and moods, are in my opinion the forms of nature. Everything for me is a source of inspiration.

I dedicate myself a lot to listening to the sensations that nature transmits to me. I absorb their essence and try to make them mine in order to reproduce it, at least in part, what I feel on my skin.
Nature offers us everything we need to live but, often, the human being does everything to deface and violate it, hurting himself because it destroys his source of nourishment.
my abstract modern paintings

Abstract modern painting, inspired by nature. Continuous study and research on media and t
Abstract modern painting, inspired by nature.

For me nature is life and I decided that I would let myself be carried away by her. I would have let myself be lulled by the waves of a low tide or I would have spent a hectic day like a rushing sea.

I would have let myself be scalded by incandescent lava or I would have been enveloped by a field of red and velvety poppies.

Abstract modern painting, inspired by nature.

When I have something my hands, I immediately wonder what I could accomplish with it or how I could reproduce a same feeling under my hands.

When I make a new work, the first sensation I want to activate is touch. It is not easy to get to the surface that I plan to make because very often I get overwhelmed by what happens during the realization work. For me, in fact, lightness, freedom, movement and, of course, colors are fundamental. I want to feel completely free to create and not remain tied to my original idea.
Through touch, I would like to convey the feeling, the passion, and the vitality of each of my works. Precisely for this reason, very often, I finish the job with a wax finish that also brings the sense of smell into play.
I have so many plans in my head that will be able to be realized. Some remain parked there for a while because, when I start a new job, I feel the need to change, to evolve again. So I take and I throw myself on a journey that is always new.

Quadri moderni ispirati dalla natura.
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