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A collection dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci,
an Italian scientist, inventor, and Painter.
An exceptional talent,
a genius.
the commendable legacy he left to mankind we still cannot quantify today.
From humble origins,
he masterfully moved from art, anatomy, civil engineering, and optics to hydrodynamics, he
 wrote a lot...


in notebooks that he scattered all over the place, and like all geniuses, he was not assiduous.
He did not publish as many of his discoveries, and it is believed that to this day we have not fully deciphered what he left us that might be concealed in his artistic works.
That aura of mystery and mysticism that we feel in front of a work by Leonardo Da Vinci we can only experience it
in front of his works. 


Leonardo collection.

artworks consist of wooden panels staked on top of each other, you can feel the three-dimensionality of the object in space, it changes due to the light that creates shadows between the panels depending on the time of daylight.

Another way to see a painting!

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