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Are you on a diet ? go for blue !

We are moving further and further into our world of colors. The importance of colors in food not to be underestimated, the colors diet.

If we match the colors of our dish to our recipe we will have a hit: green vegetables green dish, lasagna, tomato spaghetti, gazpacho red dishes, and so on...

Let's see according to our subconscious:

White: beware of industrial products, unconsciously they appease us, we think we can tease them all the time since white is a neutral color, but we don't. Hops !

Red: I'm going off the rails today, sauces, cooked dishes, memories of flavours, traditions. Delicious !

Blue and Black: from squid ink, to berries, roots, strange cabbage etc. unusual !

Green: regimen, good behavior, detox , vegetarian, occasionally good for you !

The eye stimulates through colors the desire to eat, but how ? more, as we have just seen by matching the recipe to the colors of the dish, in a hurry without paying too much attention if we are in a place where orange and yellow predominate. Cool colors like blue blue and gray especially for haute cuisine restaurants, we perceive a feeling of satiety, we will be much more attentive to refinement to quality without thinking about the stomach. Are we on a diet?

Why not give a touch of blue in the kitchen, and maybe even the refrigerator!

But it is actually much more complex and there would be so much to talk about, and I am an artist...

however, it is also true that what we eat, reflects us.

The colors diet says so. Five colors to nourish our bodies in the foods we find in nature.

Green: liver energy, chlorophyll purifies the intestines the stomach and when it gets into the blood it releases energy.

Red and Pink: energy of the heart, tannins , lycopen

e, helps and protects platelets veins and blood.

Purple Blue Black: kidney energy. Antioxidants, anti-aging, protects cognitive system, eye and retinal cells.

Yellow and Orange : spleen energy. rich in vitamins folic acid, anticancer , strengthen eyesight.

White:(excluding all industrial products such as flours sugars...) energy of the lungs. They defend us from disease and act in synergy with other colors to support the immune system.

Not only varying nutrition, but especially adding colors and colors, I would say all shades.

Eating is not only a choice for ourselves but also a form of respect for this planet and the beings who are part of it, eat with the heart not by gluttony !

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