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The continuous evolution of color.

In the past 150 years, colors have evolved in every field. The paints used in cave paintings thousands of years ago were the basis of colors, which man obtained from what he had at hand, from soils, minerals, insects, etc.

We could say to this day pigments, in fact since ancient times this powder of different colors and shades was the basis for constituting colors, appropriately mixed with ... urine and animal fat, more than a hundred thousand years ago as the analyses carried out in South Africa in the Blombos cave say, Lascaux cave and others. with egg whites and so on as the years went by. So even art has been more or less colored precisely because of the availability of pigments, and their cost.

Cleopatra's favorite color was purple; to derive this color they had to employ more than 20,000 sea snails of a particular species. That color was also a constant search because it was certainly not obvious, such as the red pigment lead, especially used in ancient Rome, China and Greece . it was obtained by corrosion of

lead with vinegar fumes what was obtained was heated and gave red. Then there was cinnabar, a natural mineral that was nothing more than mercury sulfide, later reproduced by alchemists in the Middle Ages, obtaining an even better red, vermilion red.

Even today we still create new colors such as one of the latest the absolute black, a black that can make us see the void ! Fluorescent colors, colors that light up at night, colors that change with temperature, iridescent colors ... and who knows what we will come up with,

just to tell you what a color

world we live in!

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