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The journey of an artist!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022


physically like so many beings that you can meet every day, of medium-small size. I don’t follow anything in particular, apart from the hot water bottle I don’t have any specific habits, but I am convinced that the routine can kill, but this is a personal matter! I must add that I can’t stand the clock, I’m always late, by choice. I have always admired everything that is aesthetically beautiful, it was also a teaching that I received from my father, I grew up with him, and I started working in the Family Society after my artistic studies. In my first 25 years I had the good fortune to have many experiences, and to knows different cultures. I was traveling to school, I was traveling for work, I was traveling..

In the meantime New York

I was able to set up shop windows of famous shops in New York, I took care of the foreign market and I had a beautiful show room on 5th avenue . I created custom collections in colors and fragrances for the most prestigious brands in America in Australia and Japan.

But... but...

When I came back to Italy I also took care of our Bull Mastiff farm, one of our passions, and together with my horses one of the most beautiful things. There is always a but...

Let’s make a nice jump and move on, too many facts in a small amount of time and the choice was!

One summer with my husband and my four year old son we went on vacation to France in Cannes. The days passed the summer was over.

We stayed for 10 years. In the morning we went to school by walking, there was no need to pack, behind the house we had the marché Forville where you did the shopping from Monday to Saturday, always crowded, fruit vegetable counters, meat wonderful cheeses. Sunday became an antique market. At noon aperitif at the cave with our friends. During the renovation of the house, how could I limit myself to simple brushstrokes of white ? I started working with relief plasters directly on the wall. Abstract monochromatic and I must say really an unexpected effect and a great success.

We wanted to buy a sailboat and go for a few years, instead we stayed on dry land or almost. We found ourselves on the island of Malta between Africa and Sicily. And we stayed 5 years

A place rich in history, this architecture is a bit one with the landscape, poor in trees, devoid of animals, it seems almost lifeless.

From one country to another, continuous colors of shades of sand, interrupted at times by a faded green of prickly pears, and barren fields. In Malta we understand the importance of water, the impact it has with man and nature, increasingly arid, and the wind presses even more the feeling of this gruff landscape. In the evening I strolled through the narrow streets of Mdina along with my Terra, the old notable city, illuminated by the old street lamps with the faint light, like that of the candles of the past. Untouched since the time of the Knights Templar, silence reigns in the evening. Surrounded by Arab walls, It was like seeing all of Malta...

From one place to another, from one year to the next,

I limited myself to doing what I could thinks of.

Why? I don’t know !

But nature is not to be forced, when she calls, calls! and writing these words I realize, that if my parents had continued to believe more in their love for art, surely they would have loved each other more. And if I told you that art can cure so many illnesses, would you believe it ? Not only putting our hands in the dough, but also enjoying it, in the Middle East it is said that everything is nourishment, art is for our psyche, it gives us the possibility of interfering even with the things that make us most afraid, to relate if we want, even at a distance with this society, or well cope with our shyness. We should all make a habit of drawing, painting, doodling and everything you want, as we do to go to the hairdresser, take a nice warm bath, meditation and surely the world would be better and much more colorful for everyone.

From here I write to you, Spain Holè !